September Update – We are growing

25 September 2023 , categories: News

We have been busy with many meetings and added a new member to our network! Upcoming meetings are discussed - please try to join us if you can.


We have been very busy this past month with the Manchester group focussing on NetZero with two excellent talks covering the science of climate change and the costs of NetZero and why it’s likely to fail. The latter was introduced by Dr. Benny Peiser director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation and NetZero Watch. Clearly Rishi Sunk must have been listening because he announced the delays to EV and heat exchanger rollout in the following days. Many in the press got very excited about this – calling it a massive U-turn. But was it really? It seems to us that a 5 year delay to a hopelessly unrealistic target, with no debate or scrutiny, and unknown costs is hardly a U-turn. We don’t support any party but this looks like pragmatic politics in the face of reality.


Sheffield is a new group and had an open discussion to home in on where they are going to focus in the coming months.


The Newcastle group had a fascinating discussion asking “Can we trusts the news media?” This followed discussion of a very sensitive topic in August when they asked “Does assisted suicide relieve suffering and give people ultimate control over their own life and death?

Croydon Constitutionalist join our network

We also launched our partnership programme, and have started to link up with like minded groups around the country. The first of these is Croydon Constitutionalists which is a non-partisan events and campaigning group.  The group’s purpose is to promote a Classically Liberal set of ideas and encourage others to campaign and promote individual freedom.

If you would like to join our network you can find out more about partnering with us here.

Upcoming meetings

The next meeting of the Manchester group is Wednesday, 27th September, when the topic will be “Taking control: sovereignty and Democracy After Brexit“. The group will be joined by Professor Peter Ramsay who will be talking about why, three and a half years after Brexit, many are asking “what benefits has it delivered”?

The next meeting of the Newcastle group is on Tuesday 10th August when they will be discussing “Nudge policy – a force for positive change or a threat to freedom“.

The Sheffield group is next meeting on the 5th October at 7pm. The topic will be “Can you become English?” – a discussion about what it is to be English and Britishness..

Croydon Constitutionalists will be welcoming Howard Cox on the 18th of October who is standing as the Reform UK candidate in the London mayoral election. This will be followed up by an interview with Tony Brown – the Libertarian Party candidate – on the 15th of November.