Sheffield Meeting – Between Principles and Policies

7 September 2023 , categories: Meetings, Sheffield

This was our second meeting in Sheffield and we had an open discussion to home in on where we are going to focus in the coming months.

On Thursday 7th September 2023 we held our second meeting in Sheffield. This is our new regular venue, where we will meet the first Thursday of each month.

This time we asked what do we talk about when we talk about politics? What are the limits, the legal boundaries, the moral parameters? Indeed, is politics even possible today, when the mainstream offers only alternate versions of the same managerial product?

These and other topics were interrogated in the charming wee snug of the Red Lion pub in Sheffield city centre on the first Thursday of September.

Date of next meeting

On Thursday 5th of October we’ll be asking if it’s possible to ‘become’ English? Is it an ethnic or civic quality or something else altogether? And what is ‘political’ about such a question?

The Sheffield body politic is getting into shape. Come limber-up with us. We are a new group so there is plenty of opportunity to influence the upcoming discussion topics and everyone is welcome to join us at these free events.

We are growing!

In 2023 we are hoping to expand our activities via regional Politics in Pubs groups and have created a map where you can search for a group near you.

Don’t worry if you can’t find anything nearby as you canĀ start your own group. If you would like to be put in touch with other people interested in talking about politics, please reply to this email letting us know your location and we’ll help to get the conversation started.

We are also planning to network with other free speech groups who have a similar interest in open discussion and debate. If you have such a group and want to appear on our map please get in touch.