Manchester – We Need To Talk About Immigration

Wed, 27th March 2024 , categories: Immigration, Manchester, Meetings

Let's talk about immigration. Let's talk about getting people to talk about immigration.

You are warmly invited to join us at the Welcome Inn, Bury Old Road, Whitefield, M45 6TA, Manchester, for our next meeting on Wednesday 27th March 2024 at 7:30pm. See here for location.

Immigration – the most difficult area of public debate?

With 1.2 million people entering into the UK in 2022 (net migration of 745,000), we need a measured and rational debate that we can all contribute to. Yet it is probably the last thing many of us think of bringing up in a conversation in the pub or around the water-cooler at work.

Do we feel caught in a pincer movement?  How many of us think “If I express support for any kind of immigration control, some people will call me a far right Nazi. Some might nod along with my views then say things that belong in a 1970s sitcom and make me feel really uncomfortable – but I could be so relieved not to be attacked that I don’t challenge those views.”?

It’s far easier to avoid either of these possibilities by just not discussing the subject. But that means we don’t get the chance to test our instinctive views, and that our voice isn’t heard in the political debate, so the politicians from the main parties and the “liberal elites” – the media, academics and think tanks – end up having their own debate which may not reflect our views.

We need to find a way of having this debate in a measured, rational and open way – where we can all say what we think and feel free to challenge each other without censoring what we say or playing the person rather than the ball.

Finding a way to talk about immigration

Hilary Salt will introduce our discussion on how we can find ways to talk with others about immigration in a measured, rational and open way. To set the scene, Hilary will introduce our discussion with a description of the UK’s current position on immigration, integration and multi-culturalism – three areas that overlap and frame the debate. We’ll then look at some of the pro-immigration arguments and see if they have any merit. For example, is there an argument for allowing high skilled individuals to come to the UK? And we’ll consider some of the arguments that might be made for greater integration. Should we for example ban non-Christian symbols of faith like the wearing of a burqa or broadcast calls to prayer?

Come and join us and take part in the discussion. There will be plenty of time to hear different ideas and debate in a friendly way over a drink.

Who is Hilary Salt?

Hilary is an actuary and partner at First Actuarial LLP, a business she co-founded 20 years ago that now employs nearly 500 people across the UK. She provides pensions consultancy advice to employers, trade unions and public service organisations, and is the independent actuarial adviser to the NHS Pension Scheme’s Scheme Advisory Board.

Hilary developed the ground-breaking CDC proposal with the Communication Workers Union and Royal Mail, and has worked with government to introduce the legislation to facilitate this. She is a member of the Council of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

Hilary has two grown up sons, a lovingly tended garden, a VW campervan and a season ticket to Old Trafford.

Hilary has been accepted as the SDP’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Wythenshawe and Sale East but will be speaking as an attendee of Politics in Pubs rather than running a hustings meeting.

We are growing!

We are expanding our activities via regional Politics in Pubs groups and have created a map where you can search for a group near you. If you live near Salisbury or Northampton we have members who wants to start new groups in those towns, so please let us know if this of interest.

Don’t worry if you can’t find anything nearby as you can start your own group. If you would like to be put in touch with other people interested in talking about politics, please reply to this email letting us know your location and we’ll help to get the conversation started.

We have also started to grow our network with other free speech groups who have a similar interest in open discussion and debate. If you have such a group and want to appear on our map please get in touch.