A discussion on gender identity ideology

15 February 2023 , categories: Free speech, Manchester, Meetings

At this event we were delighted to welcome guest speaker Cath, from the Greater Manchester branch of the Women's Rights Network.

Cath led a fascinating discussion covering gender identity ideology and the impacts on the rights of women, children and same sex attracted people.


The Women’s Rights Network was formed in the summer of 2021.

From their website: “We have gone from strength to strength, membership is increasing every week and the power of our voices gets stronger.​  We are a diverse group of women ranging in age, race, sexual attraction, disability, employment, non employment, parenthood and non parenthood. We have differing political, religious & non religious views, we are committed to free speech & putting women & children first.”  Their growth is certainly impressive with around 60 geographical groups, over 1200 members and still growing.


The aims of the Women’s Rights Network are:

  • To retain the hard-won rights of women.
  • To prevent the introduction of self-identification in the Gender Recognition Act.
  • To stop the medicalisation of children who are encouraged to believe that it is possible to change sex.​
  • To reinstate the words ‘sex’ and ‘woman/women’ into common language and law.

Gender Identity

Cath explained how the gender identity issue has rapidly evolved into a complex ideology since 2015: after a successful campaign to introduce same sex marriage, Stonewall (the LGBT rights charity) turned its attention to gender identity and trans rights. Included under the umbrella term ‘trans rights’ are a variety of individuals including those experiencing body dysmorphia, transexuals, transvestites,  and under 18s.

Early Casualties

A new industry is growing up around the concepts of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. While everyone deserves to live their best life without discrimination, this shouldn’t come at the expense of the rights of others.  Unfortunately, the industry and its values seem to be permeating British culture rather forcefully and there are already early casualties, such as:

  • free speech and open debate of gender ideology and its implications (especially among our politicians)
  • protection of women’s rights and spaces
  • safeguarding children from irreversible medical intervention which they may regret in adulthood
  • sensible consideration of how and when conferring the rights and privileges of women to men – whose transition is based on gender self-identification alone – becomes harmful to women and girls (e.g. placing a male rapist in a women’s prison, allowing boys to use girls’ toilets at school, opening female sports events to men).


This was our most popular meeting to date with many new first time attendees and no shortage of contributions.

Several of the members raised issues relating to personal experiences and it is a testament to the group that they felt comfortable enough to be able to discuss their experiences openly.

Unsurprisingly, on such a contentious topic, not everyone was in agreement with all views expressed but the tenor of the meeting was polite throughout and we hope that we’ll be seeing new members again in future meetings.

Thank you Cath

Politics in Pubs would like to thank Cath for an informative, pragmatic, measured presentation followed by an interesting debate.  Cheers Cath!


In line with their aims, the Women’s Rights Network supports the petition that aims to specify that the terms:  sex, male, female, man & woman (in the operation of the Equality Act 2010) mean biological sex and not “sex as modified by a Gender Recognition Certificate”.  If you agree with the petition, do sign.  At the time of writing it is approaching 90,000 signatures with, interestingly, highest density in Scotland.

New groups

Also in attendance was a new member from Yorkshire who is looking to set up a regional group near Leeds. If you live in the Yorkshire area, particularly around Ilkley or Keighley , and would like to be put in touch please let us know.

We are also pleased to announce the inaugural meeting of the new Newcastle group, which is due to meet on 14th March. Again, let us now if you would like to get involved.

Next meeting in Manchester

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday the 29th March, when the subject will be “15 minute cities”, with guest speaker Daniel Zlupko of the Together Declaration.