Purley – My tuppenceworth in July – A Free Speech event

14 July 2024 , categories: Meetings, Purley

Our regular opportunity for everyone to have their say

In July we held a My tuppenceworth event, giving the opportunity for anyone who wanted to, to speak on a subject dear to their heart to those assembled. Of course, much discussion was held on the election. With an interesting take Crispin Williams spoke about being an accredited electoral observer. Crispin spent the election day going around different polling stations, speaking with staff about some of the challenges they faced and gaining an impression of events. One interesting point to note was not how few people were turned away for not having ID, but how much extra effort it was for the staff to check everyone’s voter ID. The Q&A included a lengthy discussion about the election counts, verification, and spoiled ballots.

A further discussion was held on environmental issues and Net Zero, where all assembled agreed on the folly of the new and last governments policies. Mike Swadling spoke on the need to have a Campaign for Liberty, and observed “the first post-lockdown election, and I don’t actually remember anyone talking about the lockdown at all, despite it being perhaps the most significant thing since the war that’s happened in this country”. You can read the full speech at https://croydonconstitutionalists.uk/campaign-for-liberty-my-tuppenceworth/. Mike also spoke on how the General Election was the ‘None of the above election’ noting “Comparing 2024 votes to the average of the previous three elections, the total votes were down 9%. The Labour’s vote was down 10%. The Tory vote was down 47%”, the full remarks are at

Our next meeting in August

Join us Wednesday 21st August for drinks and conversation with the panel at Whispers Purley at 7pm. Full details at https://croydonconstitutionalists.uk/thirdwednesday-august2024/.

Croydon Constitutionalists will be asking ‘GE2024 – How was it for you?’. We will be having a panel discussion which includes Vinayak Malhotra, Reform UK candidate for Croydon West and Marian Newton, Reform UK candidate for Lewisham West and East Dulwich, covering the campaign, their experiences and thoughts on what happens next.

We are growing!

We are expanding our activities via regional Politics in Pubs groups and have created a map where you can search for a group near you. If you live near Ilkley, Salisbury or Northampton we have members who wants to start new groups in those towns, so please let us know if this of interest. We are particularly interested in hearing from anyone in the Ilkley area of Yorkshire.

Don’t worry if you can’t find anything nearby as you can start your own group. If you would like to be put in touch with other people interested in talking about politics, please reply to this email letting us know your location and we’ll help to get the conversation started.

We have also started to grow our network with other free speech groups who have a similar interest in open discussion and debate. If you have such a group and want to appear on our map please get in touch.