Our vision for the UK

13 December 2021 , categories: Meetings

On 13th December 2021, we met to discuss our draft vision for the United Kingdom

On 13th December 2021, we met to discuss our draft vision for the United Kingdom, based upon the following:

Imagine a future UK that is successful and genuinely independent.  What do you think it will look like?  What can we do to make sure it happens?

Vision of a Great Britain

National Security

  • Secure borders
  • Effective counter terrorism which is focused on defence of UK
  • Control of UK waters
  • UK-owned essential infrastructure

Goods and Services

  • Secure energy supply
  • Secure food supply
  • Short supply chains
  • Self-sufficiency in goods and services which are/could be/should be produced in the UK

Trade and work

  • Free trade (domestic and international) with more exports and fewer imports
  • High productivity rates
  • Enabling work and entrepreneurialism
  • Minimal barriers to trade
  • Adaptable, progressive, skilled workforce
  • Absence of modern slavery
  • World class research and development
  • Taxation system which is fit for purpose
  • Ethical employers

Quality of Life

  • Clean air and clean water, real food, desirable environments
  • Good quality housing
  • Fit, healthy, aspirational population
  • Shared prosperity
  • Dynamic education services which enable children and young people to discover all aspects of their potential (academic, vocational, creativity, personal qualities, leadership etc) and develop a sense of aspiration
  • Highly responsive, non-political public services which address the causes of problems, not the symptoms, and enable citizens to live their best life from cradle to grave (poverty, health, family, education, work, justice, social care, environment)
  • Welfare state which provides a safety net for individuals in crisis while avoiding perverse incentives and dependency


  • Free speech
  • Strong sense of pride in British values, identity, culture, history
  • Active citizens where communities are involved in decisions affecting their lives
  • Transparent, accountable political governance (local and national) which can be easily scrutinised by citizens
  • Strong community spirit