Nick Buckley Speaks to Politics in Pubs

5 December 2022 , categories: Free speech, News

Nick Buckley, MBE, in conversation with our Joan on why we started Politics In Pubs and the importance of free speech and open debate for a healthy democracy.

Joan from our group was recently invited for a conversation with Nick Buckley on his podcast Nick Talks. Nick is famous in Manchester and nationally for his efforts as a community champion who received an MBE in recognition of his dedication to voluntary services and the local community. His MBE recognised Nick for his work with Mancunian Way, an antisocial behaviour reduction charity he founded in 2011.

In this half-hour episode Nick discusses the importance of free speech with Joan.  The conversation covers how Politics in Pubs got started, how it works and encourages others to get involved and start their own groups. Nick asked some great questions including who can attend Politics in Pubs meetings. Joan explained that everyone is welcome, from every side of the political spectrum, including people on either side of the Brexit debate. No-one get cancelled at our meetings!

Nick also volunteered to talk at one of our meetings in the spring next year, so watch this space!