Join us at the Battle of Ideas Festival in London

Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 October 2023 , categories: Battle of Ideas, Free speech, News

Politics in Pubs is appearing at the Battle of Ideas Festival in London. Come and join us with discounted tickets for members and supporters.

After our successful launch at the Buxton Battle of Ideas Festival last year we will be appearing again at the festivals in London and Buxton. The London event will take place on Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 October at Church House, Westminster.

This festival promises to be an unmissable weekend of debate and discussion on the most important political, economic, scientific, and cultural issues of our time. Session include:

  • Online Censorship: An International Clampdown?
  • I Predict a Riot: France in Flames
  • The Politics of Hate: Is Everyone a Bigot but Me?
  • I Dissent: Challenging the Age of Conformism
  • What Is The Blob?
  • Mizzy To Shoplifting: Civility and Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Covid to Climate: Have We Lost Faith in (The) Science?
  • The Morality of Surrogacy
  • Terminator: AI and the Apocalypse
  • Andrew Doyle’s Free Speech Nation: Live (TV Recording)
  • Andrew Tate and the Lost Boys
  • The Politicisation of Therapy
  • Turbocharging Devolution: Boost or Bust for Democracy
  • Housing Britain: Yimbys vs Nimbys
  • Have We Given Up on Sexual Freedom?

And many more – see the full timetable here.

Speakers will include:

Andrew Doyle – Jonathan Israel – Ivan Krastev – Claire Fox – Konstantin Kisin – Matthew Goodwin – Kathleen Stock – Ella Whelan – Lord David Frost – Frank Furedi – Tom Slater – Silkie Carlo – Lord Moylan – Liam Halligan – Sam Bowman – Laura Dodsworth – Rakib Ehsan – Thomas Fazi – Ralph Schoellhammer – Toby Young – Nina Power – Baroness Stowell – Timandra Harkness – Holly Lawford-Smith – Fraser Myers – William Clouston – Lord Wolfson – and many more!

Discounted Access!

Politics in Pubs members and supporters can get discounted tickets here using the discount code PIP-BOIF23. If you follow the link and then click the Get Tickets button, the discount code will be applied automatically.

We will have a stand there so please do come and speak to us, find out about how our groups work and whether there is a group you can join in your area. And if you don’t have one, we will explain how easy it is to start your own!