Cancelling Cancel Culture

22 November 2023

We are a UK-based Meetup group where critical thinking, diversity of thought, and free speech matters. We meet once a month, usually at 2pm on the 3rd Sunday, at The Britons Protection, 50 Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester.

Location Manchester
Social media Twitter @CCC_Manchester

Welcome to Cancelling Cancel Culture Manchester.

Cancelling Cancel Culture Manchester is a UK-based meetup group where critical thinking, diversity of thought, and free speech matters.

Our goals

  • To be an open forum of freedom of speech and freedom of thought.
  • To make new friends
  • To end the fear of speaking your mind.

We meet once a month in a Manchester city centre venue where we discuss and debate current cultural issues, whilst also hosting guest speakers.

We are a Meetup group for those folks who are worn out by “wokeness” and the rapid rise of a new anti-scientific and anti-common sense orthodoxy.

Have you yourself been cancelled or shut down because of your views, or have you found yourself censoring your own speech to avoid conflict, even with friends and family? …and not extreme views, but widely held and perfectly acceptable views until very recently?

Have you been asked to give your personal pronouns and found yourself squirming? Are you old enough to remember when there were only two genders?

We are not anti-anyone… we are Pro-Science, Pro-Truth, Pro-Common Sense! We want everyone to live their best life… but that doesn’t mean we have to abandon free speech and free thought.

Please join us and come speak your mind without fear of being cancelled!

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