Granny’s bricks

7 August 2022 , categories: Meetings

A free and lively discussion was held covering topics from Boris Johnson to granny's bricks and the human digestive system (you had to be there).

In the absence of our regular chairperson, and in light of the media furore over the Prime Minister’s resignation, a free discussion was held. ¬†The following topics were raised:

  • whether Boris Johnson succeeded twice as Mayor of London because of high calibre advisors, and failed as PM because of poor calibre advisors;
  • whether the PM’s government fell because it appears to have lost its traditional Conservative values;
  • whether poor governance from ‘fake’ Tories, lack of progress on Brexit, and the apparent disconnect between political parties and the British people, are causing citizens to turn away from politicians, and towards self-help organisations like the People’s Health Alliance and the People’s Food Alliance;
  • the protests by Dutch and German farmers over government control of fertilisers, and land grabs;
  • the role of educational establishments in preparing a well-educated, skilled, practical, productive workforce capable of enabling the UK to thrive, export, and become more self-sufficient. ¬†Currently, it sometimes feels that the UK’s mindset is to ‘survive’, be dependent upon too many imports, and remain vulnerable to insecure supply chains and international events;
  • the merits of electric vehicles, and the mixed messaging about their demand upon the nation’s electricity supply;
  • the role of a healthy microbiome in promotion of general health, rather than over-reliance upon the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Granny’s bricks and the human digestive system (you had to be there).