17 January 2022 , categories: Meetings

On 17th January 2022, the main focus of our discussion was Covid and its aftermath

We discussed some of the following issues, and others not listed:

Q1.  Why did Govt criminalise normal human behaviour, and embark upon a fear campaign when they knew that for most people, it was safe to continue working and socialising – as evidenced by Downing Street parties, Hancock, Starmer, Ferguson, No. 10 Nudge Unit.   (We were also subjected to Project Fear with Brexit).

Q2.  Why have MPs co-operated so willingly with removal of our liberties, and the emasculation of Parliament – government by decree –  in spite of the collateral damage caused to lives and our democratic processes?  (Many MPs also tried their best to overturn the EU Referendum result).

Q3.  Why has the MSM acted like a Govt propaganda machine throughout Covid, instead of probing and holding politicians to account for their decisions, and SAGE’s unreliable ‘worst case scenario’ modelling? (Similar with Project Fear during Brexit).

Q4.  Why have dissenting views, balanced debate of Covid policy, and anti-Govt public protests not been aired on MSM, and Govt lies not exposed (eg three weeks, fifteen million jabs, no vax passports, no jabs for kids)?  We saw the same with Brexit coverage.

Q5.  Why are mandatory vaccines being enforced in health and social care even though 90% of NHS staff have already chosen to be vaccinated?

Q6.  Why the obsession with vaccinating the young and/or healthy?  This doesn’t happen with flu vaccines and flu is more dangerous to more people.

Q7.  Why has Govt declared war on natural immunity?  What next – a vaccination programme for every infection in the land –  even viruses like chicken pox which most of us had as children?

Q8.  A Vaccine Passport doesn’t mean that the passport holder isn’t infectious.  So what is their real purpose?  Would this Digital ID be abused by governments?

Q9. Why is Govt introducing/encouraging discriminatory policies relating to vaccination status?  What happened to GDPR?

Q10.  If we ‘follow the money’, where will it take us?

Q11.  Has Govt been right to focus all of its efforts and our money on Covid at the expense of everything else, including making the best of Brexit?  What about the tsunami of other issues (economy, inflation, national debt, banking crisis, public health, international tensions, etc).

Q12.  Having created a Covid ‘crisis’ situation, and raised awareness of co-morbidities and other risk factors (obesity, Vitamin D deficiency, metabolic syndrome etc), why did Govt and the medical profession neglect to launch a public health campaign based upon good nutrition, exercise and sunlight?  Instead of reducing demand on the NHS from lifestyle related illness, Covid restrictions have increased it, and made us less resilient to physical and mental disease.